David Quintano, Euroutil Quality Control Manager



Our Quality Control manager, David Quintano, is in charge of controlling all our products, during and at the end of the process, using our measurement resources, Photometry ATOS COMPACT 5M XL with photogrammetry TRITOP and the dimensional palpation machine DEA Global silver.

Our customers are constantly in touch with him for the validation of the tools.

He has been working at Euroutil for 22 years, 14 of them in the quality control department.

Features of the ATOS COMPACT 5M XL (www.gom.com)

Scanning: It works with sharp and precise scan results

Probing: Digitize deep pockets, bore holes or areas that cannot be accessed optically

Tracking: Position your parts during assembly or for alignment before milling.




DEA Global Silver:

High accuracy: This machine delivers dependable accuracy and reliability that fulfils all inspection requirements.

Relatively heavy parts can be measured without affecting the accuracy of the measurement.

As the moving part is quite light, it is a fairly agile machine in manual mode and works at high speeds in automatic mode.