The great commitment to diversification




             Despite our devotion to the automotive industry, we decided to diversify several years ago. We had improved in technology, knowledge, quality, and all this drove us to enter more demanding markets.

This is how in 2007 we broke into the world of aeronautics.

One of our branches in aeronautics is the manufacturing of toolings for aircraft engine blades.

   The blades are located in the front of the engine, also called the fan (it consists of a rotating arrangement of the blades). It's also the part of the engine that is insight. Before the blade reaches its final shape, it goes through different stages of transformation, needing different types of tooling.  The different tools used to manufacture the blades vary in technology and material depending on the transformation phase in which they are.

             Euroutil has been fortunate to be able to work on each of them. This allowed us to acquire a global vision of manufacturing, gaining efficiency and experience. Our client requires maximum demands on reliability, quality, availability, and performance. After evaluating these aspects (audits, certifications, tests, documentation, training, etc.) the relationship has been based on trust, without ever neglecting continuous process and quality control.



turbofan blade part tooling

We have specialized in the manufacture of industrial tools for the LEAP model

LEAP: A success story

The LEAP turbofan engine is designed to weigh less, consume less (-15%), make less noise (-15 decibels), and pollute less (-50% nitrogen oxides).

This engine is used for Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737-Max (completing the first phase of flight tests), and Comac C919 aircraft.




       Despite the current circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic, we consider our commitment to diversification a success story, which gives us strength and the will to continue looking for other sectors.